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At last a splint you can trust will fit, first time - every time, DigiSplint. Direct from your Intra Oral Scan DigiSplint is designed completely in the digital domian and then manufactured using the latest CNC dental dental technology.

Designed with state of the art CAD software and milled to micron precison to create the most amazing fit, unmatched by any lab made splint. Try one today, download a lab form or give us a call.

Digisplint can also be made from your PVS/Rubber Impressions

Sure Fit ™ Technology

Any Design

Do you have your own favorite splint design? No problem, we can design exactly to your specifications- ALL DIGITAL !

Intra Oral Scans

The perfect Digital Splint is a perfect match for Intra Oral Scans, most popular brands full arch scans accepted.

There is no escaping it, the fit accuracy of a splint is directly dependant on the impression. Now with digital impression systems becoming commonplace Digisplint can deliver the perfect fit, everytime. Of course we can also digitise conventional impressions and create a DigiSplint from them however we accept only rubber based materials as these will generally yield the most accurate results. Contact us for more information.


Conventional PVS/Rubber impressions also accepted.

Complete scan and design in the digital domain ensures a perfect fit. Using digital technology opens up a whole new world of comfort for your patient.

Download Lab Form

Flexion Compataible

Upload your Scans

Use our secure transfer portal to upload your scans directly to us..no 3rd party, our dedicated server delivers your scan immediately to us.

For over 10 yeras people have loved our EZ Fit Splint Flexion splints..now you can have the thermolining added to your DigiSplint!

Amazing CAD CAM Splint with Sure Fit ™  Technology

Made direcly from your Intra Oral Scans!

A picture says a thousand words ...

It's all about the BITE !

If we receive a great impression, Digital or "Old Skool" we have the ability to make the splint fit PERFECTLY, so you dont have to worry about that part.  However, do you really want to grind the splint in to the patients bite forever and waste valuable chairside time?

The solution is very simple, supply a CONSTRUCTION BITE with every order for a DigiSplint.

It's easy to take, just take a bite registration exactly in the relationship you want the splint to be and avoid unwanted protrusion and too little posterior opening. We suggest at least 2-3 mm posterior opening or the splint may be too thin.

If you do this with plain old red wax and avoid silicones that tend to distort from our experience, you will have the best construction bite and a splint that needs little or no adjustment ! That's a DIGISPLINT.

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