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Universities and board quality accepted models now at your fingertips.

Easily retrieve a patients models with a few keystrokes and store 10,000 models on a 1 Terabyte hardrive or use  many free or paid cloud storage services.

View on your computer with free viewing software. Sortware is also available for your iPad at a nominal charge.

          •  Ease of Use - OrthoScan includes intuitive viewing software with automated analytical tools to facilitate quick and easy practice integration.

          •  Increase Efficiency - OrthoScan digital study models, deliver measurable time savings and speed to orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient education processes.

          •  Precision - OrthoScan are produced through a modern safe structured light scanning process that delivers 3-dimensional digital dental models with unprecedented accuracy, clarity, and resolution. You can even do this yourself safely in your own office if you wish.

          •  Savings - OrthoScan digital models eliminate the production, storage and archiving costs of plaster models freeing up space and more time for patient care. Save big money here!

          •  Multiple Storage options - Use any storage medium you wish or  use a secure online digital file storage service with 24-hour access. You own your files so the choice is yours.

          •  Enhanced Revenues - OrthoScan provides the dental profession with state-of-the-art digital consultation capabilities that engage patients in the treatment planning process increasing patient satisfaction, treatment adoption, and revenues.

          •  Improved Acess -OrthoScan models eliminate the geographic barriers of plaster models and paper files for multiple site practices and empower dental professionals with instant access to patients models.

          •  Cost Effective Solution - OrthoScan  models are delivered on a per use basis providing access to state of the art digital imaging technology without costly licensing fees or capital investments.


          1. Take PVS or Alginate Impressions

          2. Send us casts or the PVS impressions

          3. We will email your files direct to you

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