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3D printing is the new Buzz in the Dental world and now the technology is the most affordable it has ever been. Accurracy, repeatability, economy and ease of use make the Uniz dental Pro a real winner. The fastest dsktop dental printer on the market, more than 4x times faster than compeditive printers with unmatched accuracy and patented technology makes Uniz the first choice.

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True speed printing is now available. Print models in less time than it takes to pour impressions. Under 30 minutes to print six or more models

The most amazing affordable dental desktop dental printer available. Packed with features only found on more expensive printers and amazingly outperfoms these as well !


The Uniz Dental Pro boasts solid carbon fibre and steel construction where it counts. Liquid cooled LED array keeps things at the exact temperature for rapid reliable printing.

No other desktop printer offers better value and performance than thge Uniz Dental Pro. Using the latest patented technogies it can outperform printers that cost up to 10 times as much.



LED Array LCD Mask Printing Technology

Incredible Accuracy

Up to 10 Micron Layer

One Touch Activation

Automatic Pump System

Adjustable Build Platform

Real Time Print Monitoring Camera

Range of Materials

Carbon Fibre / Steel construction

Reliability & Precision

Consistent Performance

Intuitive Software


Low Running Costs