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Implant Planning based solely on osseous anatomy lacks the benefit of final tooth position planning and can lead to compromised implant positions in relation to the final prosthesis. Therefore, a comprehensive data set including bone, soft tissue, and adjacent and opposing teeth is imported into the planning software. Future tooth position can be now planned virtually or derived from articulated models and models of patients with temporary bridges, or removable dentures etc usually eliminating the need for radiographic stents and wax-ups. Also,data merges are very accurate and all this helps us to create the most accurate implant gude available for you.

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Each order for IMPLAGUDE only requires PVS impressions or quality models and a patient CBCT scan. The surgical plan is created with free implant planning software, either by you or by us. You will always be sent the plan setup  summary for your approval and editing ( if needed)  before we make the surgical guide. You are always in control of the planning.

(For edentulous cases a simple scan appliance that incorporates markers is required. )

Surgical benefits

Easy and inexpensive to try


Overall, guided surgery provides greater accuracy with equal or less time than non-guided techniques. Collecting the necessary data upfront (scans and models) requires a few minutes of staff time. As with any new technique, there is a learning curve with computer guided treatment planning but after a few cases professionals find planning goes smoothly and certainly is quicker than creating a restorative-based surgical guide by hand. With trust in the planning and guide, surgeries go more quickly. All this gives you repeatable predictable outcomes and peace of mind.

The Bottom Line

1. Patient CBCT Scan is done

2. Take impressions or Intra Oral Scans

3. Setup treatment plan in BSP

4. Send Impressions/models and DATA to us

5. We manufacture implaguide

1.  Patient CBCT Scan is done

2.  Take impressions

3.  Send Impressions/models and CBCT DATA to us

4.  Review and approve setup planning emailed to you

5.  We manufacture implaguide

We do the software planning setup

You do the software planning

Planning Options


Send is intraoral scans and we will can merge these with your CBCT and manufacture your directly directly from your scanner data.

Traditional Impressions also accepted.

Intra Oral Scans



A free gift for you! A great reference manual all about using our surgical guides when placing your implants.

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